New Project - Muscle Bird

2008-06-04 18:03:40 by BorrisMoose

Over the last few weeks we have been working very hard on our upcoming Flash cartoon, Muscle Bird! We have learned to love the errors Flash throws at us. It is making us better people.

Here are some brief facts about our upcoming cartoon:

- The main character is Muscle Bird, a gym obsessed man bird voiced by the fantastic Geoff Edwards known to many of you as the voice of Dirge from the Xombie cartoons.
- The cartoon will serve as an introduction to the character and his rather odd little world.
- It is being animated at 25 fps, 1024x576!!!
- It is being produced by Taylor Works (nice plug coming up here

Anyway, it should be up within the next month, in the meantime here is a time lapse video of us doing work! Time lapses are cool because they break the fourth dimension.

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New Project - Muscle Bird


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2008-08-01 14:02:45

I just watched it, And i think its front page material!


2008-08-01 14:51:41

You really have talent :)