Muscle Bird Released!

2008-08-01 15:17:39 by BorrisMoose

Finally, after months of hard work followed by weeks of laziness we have got around to 'sprucing' up Muscle Bird and it is available for you to watch now! Thanks to everyone for their comments and reviews and we hope you enjoy the animation.

Muscle Bird Released!

New Project - Muscle Bird

2008-06-04 18:03:40 by BorrisMoose

Over the last few weeks we have been working very hard on our upcoming Flash cartoon, Muscle Bird! We have learned to love the errors Flash throws at us. It is making us better people.

Here are some brief facts about our upcoming cartoon:

- The main character is Muscle Bird, a gym obsessed man bird voiced by the fantastic Geoff Edwards known to many of you as the voice of Dirge from the Xombie cartoons.
- The cartoon will serve as an introduction to the character and his rather odd little world.
- It is being animated at 25 fps, 1024x576!!!
- It is being produced by Taylor Works (nice plug coming up here

Anyway, it should be up within the next month, in the meantime here is a time lapse video of us doing work! Time lapses are cool because they break the fourth dimension.

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New Project - Muscle Bird

Royal Toaster @ Skins Auditions

2008-04-18 10:29:49 by BorrisMoose

Not sure how well known this show is outside of the UK but...

'On March 16th, Royal Toaster members Lewis Sanderson and Ben Morris
went with their good friend James Wickham in a quest for terrestrial television stardom by auditioning for the hit Channel 4 show, Skins. This short documentary shows what happened on that day.

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Launching Toast

2008-01-03 14:19:34 by BorrisMoose

At last, the offical Royal Toaster site is now up and running. I still need to finish it completely and renovate the productions page which looks pretty naff but serves its purpose.

I finally decided to submit the Pariomortis trailer here on Newgrounds and it did pretty well, coming 7th on the day it was released. Can only mean good things for the full episode.

It appears even without my Xbox 360, we are still being pretty lazy when it comes to finishing the first episode of Pariomortis but soon we will be working with dual graphics tablets which should speed things up a bit.

Matt has pretty much finished the script for Super Turbo Gaming Deluxe episode two but its subject matter may become somewhat outdated by the time we get round to starting it, which won't be until February. Just so y'all know.

A gift for Christmas

2007-12-21 09:09:40 by BorrisMoose

Wouldn't this make such a good present?

Authentic Japanese Sword

This video was created as part of an assignment at college and as it contained compositing and elements of Flash we decided to post it on Newgrounds. Its doing alright considering a lot of people there are set against video submissions.

By the way, the full title of the video is 'Genuine Authentic Japanese Sword'. Maybe one day we will actually make a video with a name that can fit into Newgrounds 25 character limit.